What is Hypnotherapy?

We all go into hypnosis naturally, every day. Are you familiar with the feeling of ‘zoning out’ whilst listening to the radio, or maybe you have arrived at work and cannot remember the journey you just took to get there? These are examples of when we naturally go into hypnosis or ‘trance’ state.

“I met Paula when I was at a point in my life where I was kind of stuck, I felt like I was stagnating and did not know where to start or what to do next for this situation to change. Paula took me through various techniques that helped clear my head and understand which areas of my life I could start focusing on.

This difference of perspective made a huge difference in the way I see life now. Thank you so much Paula.”

When we are in trance, our subconscious minds are more receptive to receive suggestions. Here is where the therapy part comes into it! 

During Hypnotherapy, you will always be in control of what is happening, and it is you who gets yourself into the trance state simply by listening and choosing to respond to my guidance. I do not make you do it, I just facilitate it. Once you are in a trance, I can make positive suggestions, according to your desired outcomes, directly to your subconscious mind. This works well because change happens much more easily at a subconscious level. After the suggestions have been made, I will safely bring you back onto the present moment again and you might find that you feel as if the change has already happened.

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