Paula Emmens HPD

Master NLP Practitioner

Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Accredited Hypno4Children Practitioner


Hi, I’m Paula, I am based in Ashford in Kent although these days, there is no reason why I cannot work with you wherever on the World you are! 

I help people from aged 5 right through to adults either in workshops or one-to-one sessions. I enjoy helping people to make better sense of their feelings and to become the best version of themselves.


clinical hypnotherapist

Devoted to helping people live their best lives”

“My son had problems managing his emotions which was effecting his behaviour. This was adding to my anxiety. I chose NLP as I wanted a different approach. It helped me to see that my anxiety was having an effect on his behaviour. Now I am able to stay calmer and deal with the situation differently. I feel much more in control which has reduced the family’s stress.”

My early career was in corporate business, where I was successful in a variety of co-ordination and management roles. In the latter years, I set up my own consultancy company as I wanted more flexibility with work to be able to spend more time with my family. Without the luxury of a corporate development plan, I started to look for my own opportunities for self, as well as professional development. I had seen first-hand the positive results of NLP as I was growing up. My Dad had been on a course as part of a leadership development programme and despite being so young, the valuable impact it had on him personally, as well as the way he engaged with other people was both evident and hugely significant. I knew that NLP would equip me with invaluable life skills and empower me to support and coach others. NLP was the perfect opportunity for me.


During my Practitioner training, I was amazed at just how powerful NLP is. We practiced all the techniques to experience them for ourselves and we were all surprised at how quickly changes took place. One of my fellow trainees still hardly ever eats chocolate anymore, thanks to the ‘Like to Dislike’ intervention!

As a parent to four wonderful children, ranging from primary to adult, I am all too familiar with the many different challenges facing our children, in the World today.

Having experienced some challenges with my own children in the past, I had become aware of how difficult it can be to find help in times of adversity. As a parent, I felt quite helpless at times and did not know where to turn. I felt compelled to make a positive difference to young people’s lives and following my NP4Kids training I am delighted to be helping to grow happy, confident adults.

I have since qualified as an NLP4Parents and NLP4Teachers practitioner, having seen the enormous value in helping the whole family and the other main influencers in children’s lives.

While training as a clinical hypnotherapist, I have also gained a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and am an accredited Hypno4Children Practitioner.

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